Career Trends

In 2021

The last two years has seen a significant change in the field of Careers that the corporate world is demanding. Owing to the COVID situation, there has been a paradigm shift from the traditional courses to certain Careers which are going to be in heavy demand for the next few years.

In order to stay ahead of the race, it becomes important to understand the latest trends and keep abreast with the latest global news. Engineering, humanities, computer science, social sciences, and business are still popular and most pursued courses in India as well as abroad. That does imply that the competition in these professions will increase each year. Therefore, students are encouraged to think of some unique courses that 2021 is offering in India and abroad.

• Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

Increasing cyber-attacks and security risks have created a demand for experts in the subsequent fields. That is where the Ethical Hacking program comes in.

Ethical hackers are cybersecurity professionals who analyse and work on various organizations’ networks and structures to find security vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly. They also draw salaries on the higher side of the scale. The best part’ as the name suggests, this type of hacking is completely legal.

• Bioinformatics

One of the most up-and-coming fields in biosciences is Bioinformatics. This is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology and computer science.

Bioinformaticians are responsible for several important arenas like analysing the variations and the expressions in the human gene and using data to analyse protein sequences. Many Indian universities like IIT, and top universities like Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, and others have some of the best Bioinformatics programs and in the time of a global pandemic, this career is more lucrative than ever.

• Ecotechnology

Offered by the top global universities in India and abroad. This niche program focuses on developing facilities and technologies that complement the sustainable development of our ecosystem.

• Urban Design & Planning

Urban Design and Planning is an advanced specialization in the field of architecture that focuses on creating functional, sustainable, and appealing city plans and designs. It deals with the arrangement and design of buildings, public spaces, transport systems, and more to address the issues of human settlement and urban development.

• Econometrics

This distinct specialization allows students to use statistical methods to anticipate and estimate economic policies. Economists around the world use econometrics in order to analyse the impact of specific financial and economic policies on the country’s economy.

Econometrics as a course is offered by many universities as a bachelor’s as well as master’s degree. This degree can help students secure job positions like economists, data analysts, and financial analysts in government as well as organizational bodies.

• Dance Therapy

For those passionate about dancing and plan on evolving that as a career, Dance therapy is the perfect blend. This degree teaches students the nuances of using dance as a medium to help people modify their emotional state and reduce stress. Offered by the best arts divisions around the world, Dance Therapy has also been known to treat depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and more.

• Computer Science

Computer Science is an on-demand course with the technological advancements in the world. For Undergraduate level students, the degree helps establish a strong foundation in information.

• Engineering

Engineering is a high earning course and quite popular among students all around the world. Due to the growth of infrastructure, the demand for engineers is increasing.

8 of the Most In-Demand Engineering careers are:

  • Software Engineering
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Alternative Energy Engineering
  • Mining Engineer

• Information Technology

IT or Information Technology is a fasting growing industry in the global market that is a product of development and developing technology advancements. The IT jobs are high in demand and with time it the demand will increase more. Having a degree in IT would increase your chance to get hired.

• Business Administration

Is one of the most sought-after course in the world. Because of the unique area of businesses like Business Communication, Accounting, Applied Statistics, Business Law etc., the course seems a perfect match to you if you have an interest in the business.

• Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management course mainly focused on the study of the hospitality industry, like comfort in a hotel, restaurant or entertainment. In the hospitality industry, one can pick any specialisation and thereafter receive the required education and training.

• Fashion Design

The fashion industry is a rapidly changing industry. The industry has something new to offer with every passing season. That is why aspiring fashion designers need to keep up with the trends all around the globe. You can be up to date with the trends around by religiously reading industry journals and magazines.