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The Guidance & Counselling services aim in promoting holistic development of students by providing on-going prevention and intervention services and offering personal and career guidance.

  • The school is committed towards providing Guidance & Counselling services to parents and students. One cannot ignore the fact that guidance is an integral part of education. Students at all levels of learning in their educational journey require the assistance of teachers, counsellors and others to make an all-round progress.

Guidance and counselling are the two pillars which help in bringing the best in children. Through these services children are helped on how to manage and deal with personal, social, academic, emotional and spiritual issues.

The school guidance program will endeavour to provide a programme that consists largely of six services.

From the Principal's Desk

It’s my pleasure to write about the hosting of the new domain guidanceandcounselling-graceacademyindia.com linked to the main school website.

Looking back to the past 31 years of the school existence, one can evaluate and measure the fast pace with which the school has developed in all the facets. From humble beginnings, God has faithfully been providing and blessing the work of our hands. All praise and glory to Him.

Our aim is to keep adding a new facet to our school, which is one of the sign of growth and development. The success of a school can only be truly evaluated long after a student has left the school. The school motto of acquiring knowledge and walking worthy is a lifelong learning trait that each Gracian carries. We have always emphasized on developing a Christ-like character and making the difference.

Continuing with the vision and mission of the school we are striving to develop the students, who are life-long learners, having a holistic mind set, equipped with skills to flourish beyond the school years. With this intention, the Guidance and Counselling which was already existing and is working in the areas of personal counselling, academic, learning disabilities, college and career counselling and many other areas, is further being extended to reach out to a larger community of parents and students and also the visitors who will visit the school website.

We are also introducing Career Assessments for senior students which earlier was being done by an outside agency where the students were required to pay for the assessment. However, now the students can approach the school counsellor and make use of this opportunity and take a career assessment in the school itself, to find out their interests and career aptitude in their educational journey here at Grace Academy. This will enable them to choose their subjects wisely for grade 11. This is a big leap in the direction of providing services to our students and parents.

I hope and trust that the parents and students will make full use of this facet added to Grace Academy so that their children are guided and helped at the right time. My special thanks to our Guidance Counsellor, Mrs.Sudeepta Newton for her untiring effort to help the student and parent community and for developing this website with the help of our school graphic designer Ms. Aanchal Bahadur who has beautifully designed the web pages.

With blessings,
Benjamin Newton

With changing times and dynamics scenarios in our society and a pandemic at our heels, each of us is expected to swiftly adapt to these transformations. How much more our children. The most powerful tool of communication in the world today is the internet that brings the whole world as a global village.   This website will empower the department, staff, parents and especially the students to use this platform effectively to equip students for educational and societal transitions. Through this platform students will have access to confidential resolution of issues pertinent to them. It is our dream to see this website catering the needs of many students.


Mr. Andriyas Singh

“The school Guidance & Counselling program has been of great benefit to the students, teachers and parents at large. It deserves full credit for developing the Life Skills curriculum which assisted the students in understanding themselves, accepting others, developing association with peers and many other skills that influence the life of students have been taught during the Life skill period. The guidance provided to the children with special needs has benefited the parents and the school and Grace Academy can proudly say, that we impart Inclusive Education……………”

Mrs. Sangeeta Ranjan

Effective Guidance & Counselling

How it benefits students
Students are guided on how to tackle psychological issues which can impact their overall studies. The students develop problem-solving skills which helps them to deal with the issues surrounding their lives.

Development of coping skills help students to handle any situation they face.

It helps to bridge the gap between students and the school administration, since they are able to guide their problems through a proper counselling channel in the office.

It helps to shape a student’s personality that enhances them to have a sound all round development.

Struggles related to academics can be solved with effective guidance in the areas of study skills, time management, learning styles.

Students are helped to develop a sense of belongingness by learning to live-in peace and harmony within the school community and the community at large.

Students get comprehensive advice on career, courses and the job opportunities that lie ahead. This helps them to make an informed choice and successfully venture into higher education after grade 12.

It allows students to talk to a close and trusted confidant about various experiences that make them uncomfortable. They can openly share problems that they cannot share with their parents. Talks related to alcohol, drugs, personal feelings or any kind of topic, can be openly discussed without any prejudice.

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Substance Use Disorder

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Internet Addiction Disorder

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Empowerment, Esteem & Communication

Our Areas of


  • Orientation for Students & parents
  • Counselling (personal & academic)
  • Helping students to prepare Student Academic Portfolio
  • Career Counselling
  • Occupational information
  • Career Assessment
  • College admission notifications
  • Personality assessment & development
  • Improved self-awareness and perspective
  • Special Needs Program
  • Follow-up services and other assessments

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals. it was founded as an academic discipline in 1956 and with lot of research has now attained its peak.

Career Planning

Planning a career is a big decision-making for a student as well as for the parent. Even though it is the child’s decision it requires adult guidance and supervision. Making an informed career choice is something that needs careful study of available options, a careful analysis of the market and future trends, an assessment of the child’s aptitude and interest levels.

Subjects & Careers

The last two years has seen a significant change in the field of Careers that the corporate world is demanding. Owing to the COVID situation, there has been a paradigm shift from the traditional courses to certain Careers which are going to be in heavy demand for the next few years.

Alumni Speaks..

"The guidance and counseling program from the school is highly beneficial. It personally helped me to identify my strengths and interests and work towards them. Moreover, the program helped me with providing information about potential colleges, scholarships and also helped me with my applications for my higher education. I am really grateful for the help provided and would encourage my friends in the school to make the most use of it."
Jonathan Livingston C.
Class of 2020
Career counselling in Grace unraveled the "me" to me. Not only did counselors open my eyes to the vast scope of my interests but also made me aware of the preparations required. People often underestimate counselling but I would like to quote the words of John.C.Maxwell -

"To grow yourself, you must know yourself"
Nita Charlotte
Class of 2020
Thanks to the guidance and counselling department of our school, I was able to figure out the best line of study for myself and got admission in Computer Science in the MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada.
Yashita Chhabbra
Class of 2021

Students share..

their experience of the Guidance & Counselling Program at the school and how it has benefitted them.